In September 2017, Petré Event arranged a conference journey for a company client with 100 employees. For three days we chartered the ship Club Med 2 and sailed the Mediterranean Sea.

The planning started already a year a head. Flights needed to be booked, frequent communication with the ship needed to be maintained, preparatory trips needed to be made and planning of activities and conferences were made months before the actual journey. It resulted in an event where the participants flew to Nice in order to embark Club Med 2 and lodge their cabins. At the ship, dinners and festivities were awaiting them. After the first night, the participants woke up outside of Calvi on Corsica where the day started with a conference and seminars. After that, they were free to explore Calvi. In the evening, a gala dinner was prepared with famous entertainers and artists who kept them up late at night.

The morning after, the ship had taken them to Portofino were there were more seminars on the boat, followed by hiking, a quiz, free activities etc. The last evening was yet another night of dinner and festivities with a party theme to add another dimension to the last night on board.

The morning after, buses awaited the group in Nice to take them to the airport and back to Stockholm. This conference journey was a well executed event which resulted in a fantastic trip full of teambuilding. Petré wants to dedicate a warm thank you to the crew at Club Med 2 for a very successful collaboration!