Petré Event was entrusted with the honorable assignment of planning and executing the law firm Gernandt & Danielsson’s conference trip with more than 100 participants during four days in October 2015.

The conference was held at one of the world’s largest sailing vessels, Star Clipper. The sailing took place in the Greek archipelago. The four days were filled with interesting lectures both on board and on land on the Greek islands that Star Clipper anchored.

With the weather on our side, the participants were given the best conditions for an amazing experience on board of this incredible and unique ship.

Start Clipper can take 170 passengers and has a sailing crew of 72 persons. During the summer season it sails around the Mediterranean and in the Caribbean during the winter season.

”It was an amazing setting for a conference. It is a great advantage to have the conference on a ship as the personnel is gathered throughout the whole trip. And with the meticulous planning and delightful people from Petré, the trip was a success.” says Manfred Löfvenhaft, Managing Partner at Gernandt & Danielsson.

Thank you to Gernandt & Danielsson for making us responsible for your grand conference trip!