In the spring of 2017 it was once again time for the creators behind Alien to present a new movie. Petré Event was involved with coordination before and during the event. On the 15th of May 2017 guests were invited to Rigoletto to enjoy the movie and gala.

This extremely popular movie attracted brave guests who did not let themselves get scared away by aliens and monsters. Rigoletto was transformed into a space ship with a black carpet with silver details, an Alien photo wall with photo-friendly facehuggers, green LED lights, bright green cocktails and other festive and scary decorations. Apart from the drinks, the guests were treated with Red Bull, Jelly Beans in neon colors, canapées and black popcorn. The mingling guests were interrupted by a  frightening “final call” as a ring in to the movie salon. A big thank you to our sponsors Pisang Ambon, Jelly Beans and Red Bull who contributed to this cool and fun gala and thank you to Twentieth Century Fox for collaborating with us at this event!