On the Swedish National Day 2013 the Swedish Gallop association “Svensk Galopp” arranged horse-racing at Gärdet in Stockholm for the first time in 95 years. The ambition to have an annual event in an attempt to make it part of the traditional National day celebrations at Gärdet.

Almost 50 000 people visited Gärdet on National day and made it into a fantastic festival. In 2014 the success repeated itself, and at least as many people as 2013 attended this new wonderful way to celebrate National Day. We are so happy that this event has become such a success and that we have had the honor to participate in this project.

In addition to horse-racing there are also many other things such as a hat parade, pony riding, and an assorted variety of children activities, exhibitors, food stands and much more.

A real family celebration!

“Thanks to Petré’s solid commitment the VIP-tent was filled with many interesting profiles, which enhanced the experience for other visitors and also contributed to a great impact in the Swedish press. When planning National Day Gallop 2014 we chose to include the additional responsibility for communication and social media to Petré Event.

Both the cooperation and the outcome was very positive. It later turned out not least in the measurements we made associated to the event.”

Peter Gudmundsson, Projectmanager National Day Gallop