Biz Apartment is the apartment hotel situated in Solna and at Gärdet in Stockholm, that has now expanded to Hammarby Sjöstad. Along with the fusian inspired restaurant, Fandado, they opened up on the 30th of March 2017 to celebrate their new venue. Petré Event was involved in this project to manage the guest list and coordination of the event.

A beautiful entrance to the hotel was arranged and the guests were met by photographers and sparkling wine in the lobby. Inside the restaurant, the guests were served exciting sample dishes from Fandado’s international kitchen. The DJ of the evening, Sara Varga, played music the night away. After the opening speech in the colorful restaurant, the guests got the opportunity to independently explore the conference space and the hotel rooms. The rooms were not only pretty to look at but also pleasant to relax in as the rooms were set up with a bar, bartender, spaces to hang out and mingle and music.

We wish Biz Apartment and Fandado all the best with their new business!

Photo: Karina Ljungdahl