Ronnie Peterson was one of the greatest sports profiles in Sweden during the 1970s. Tragically enough, he died in a crash on the racing tracks in Milan in 1978. The famous director Henrik Jansson-Schweizer decided to make a movie about Ronnie Peterson and his incredible life story. Movie distributor NonStop Entertainment contacted Petré Event in order to collaborate with the gala premiere of the movie. Instantly, it was clear how much fascination there is around Ronnie, especially among those who grew up watching Ronnie race. Upon the gala, cinema Rigoletto was decorated with classic decorations such as gala carpet and gala poles but also with unique objects from the motorsports industry. The entrance was framed with a big hawser with green lights, racing flags were brought in and a mannequin dressed up with Ronnie’s racing apparel was placed next to the photo wall. However, what caused the most reactions was the Lotus which was driven in by Tag Heurer and placed in the middle of the red carpet.

Sparkling wine, snacks from Barebells and beverages from Vitamin Well were served in the lobby before the movie. Mingle and happy reunions took place at Rigoletto as racing profiles such as Emerson Fittipaldi and John Watson chose to participate at the premiere. After the movie, the guests were taken to Eric Ericsonhallen where a great after party was organized. Petré gives a big thank you to NonStop Entertainment for a successful collaboration with the gala premiere and thanks to our lovely sponsors Vitamin Well and Barebells for contributing in giving the guests a great time!