Petré Event was assigned by Viaplay to coordinate a gala for the premiere of their new original series Veni Vidi Vici, written by Rafael Edholm. This Swedish-Danish porno drama gave us good premises for creating a different and extravagant gala.

At the legendary Cinema Skandia, we organized together with the decoration firm a truly suggestive entrance. A bright yellow carpet was arranged and the guests were served Redbull, sparkling wine and given playful give aways from the company Pistill. A DJ trio called Young Disasters set the tone in order to warm up the guests before screening.

Two episodes of the series was aired and the ensemble was welcomed up on stage afterwards to be applauded. After the show, sliders, canapés and more sparkling wine was served and a lively mingle took place at the pompous venue. For those who were thirsty for more partying, a party bus was ready at Drottninggatan to drive guests looking for a party around town and leaving them at a targeted night club.

A big thanks to Viaplay for giving us the opportunity to coordinate this gala! We are looking forward to seeing more of this word-buzzing series!

Photo: Karina Ljungdahl