Petré Event was contacted by initiators of the new tourist attraction, Vikingaliv, durning the fall of 2016 due to their opening planned on the 28th of April 2018.

Soon it became clear that this opening was going to be extra formal as new attractions open very seldom at Djurgården. There has also very long existed a demand for a viking attraction for tourists in Stockholm.

When the big day finally arrived, we had built a grand tent with viking inspired decorations. Guests were served small plates of Nordic dishes presented by Vikingaliv’s own restaurant, Glöd, along with mead and sparkling wine. It was a beautiful sunny day in April. Fire baskets warmed the guests and hay bales, barrels, ornaments and other purposeful scenography created a setting very faithful to the time of the vikings.

The King and Queen of Sweden also paid a visit at the grand opening. They got to step inside the building before anyone else and go on the infamous viking ride which is one of the highlights at Vikingaliv. After that, they stepped outside to the tent to meet the mingling guests and perform the opening ceremony at stage. The King put on a viking helmet and cut the ribbon held up by viking actors with a pair of old school scissors looking as if it came straight form the viking era. Once the ceremony was over, the anticipating guests were allowed in the building.

We want to designate a big thank you to Vikingaliv who we got to collaborate with through out this exciting project. We wish you the best of luck with your business!

Would you like to know more about Vikingaliv? Visit their website!

”All of us at Vikingaliv want to thank Johan Petré and Petré Event for this fantastic opening of Vikingaliv. It is a mega-event that was so well planned and well managed to the very last detail. When the King and Queen are present, something out of the ordinary is required and you managed it perfectly.”

Ulf Larsson, CEO Vikingaliv