The Winery Hotel is Sweden’s first urban winery hotel that also has its own wine production. The hotel is owned by three families that all have a common passion for wine.

About 500 people visited the hotel at the Grand Opening. They got to explore the hotel and its different rooms through wine tasting stations located around in different parts of the hotel. On the 6th floor, the guests could enjoy the terrace with a view of Mall of Scandinavia and the famous Haga park. They could also check out hotel rooms, conference halls, the restaurant and the Terreno Deli which is the hotels own Deli. Both vision and taste buds got to endulge this evening, and of course there was plenty of wine to enjoy!

The opening ceremony included a welcoming speech held by the three owner families and a good old fashioned tub filled with grapes that was going to be stomped in front of the audience. Thank you to all of the guests who made this evening so wonderful and a big thank you to The Winery Hotel for relying on us to arrange this memorable Grand Opening!